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11 Best Security Ideas for Your Home

Have you ever been locked out of your home? It could be because of failing to find your keys or locking yourself outside your home. In the scenario that you do not have spare keys, you will need to look for locksmith services.

Before sealing deals to get locksmith repair services, make sure you look into an honest and reliable service provider. How can I get a locksmith to open my car? When looking for a locksmith, you can surf the web or ask around. The primary benefit of hunting for a mechanical locksmith on the internet is quick access to information.

Various locksmith firms have an established online presence to display the services offered. Seeking the details of a locksmith service provider online gives you a fast and reliable way to get top-notch locksmith solutions.

Close acquaintances, colleagues, and neighbors will give you an honest opinion: such individuals will help you identify quality locksmith services. When looking for a locksmith, ensure you do your due diligence.

Avoid the last-minute rush when faced with a situation that needs emergency services from a locksmith. Make sure you have contact with a reliable locksmith in your local area. It is essential for the security of your premises.

One of your primary concerns when moving to a new neighborhood or building your home is security. You have to prioritize the safety of your home and family members. Over the years, burglars have changed their tactics on how they rob a house, which means that you also have to stay updated with security measures to protect your home. Discussed below are some of the best security ideas for your home

Secure Your Doors

The most common way that burglars get into your house is through your doors. It can be through kicking, picking a lock, bypassing, or bumping. One of the reasons why it is easy for a burglar to kick or ram your door is because the door hinges are weak with loose screws. Use three-inch screws that can firmly hold the hinges in place. Also, if you have a mail slot on your door, ensure a burglar is unable to reach through it and unlock the door. If you have just moved to a house that people used to stay in, change the locks. Shop for solid core custom doors that thieves will not be able to knock down easily. Hollow core wooden doors are only intended for interior purposes and should never be used as exterior doors.

Another way you can secure your door is by installing high-security locks. No matter the brand you choose, ensure you get a high-security product with a strong deadbolt. Hire a residential locksmith service to do the installation for you properly. A burglar is usually attracted to a sliding patio door. Therefore, one of the best security ideas for your home is adding a glass breaker sensor or door sensor if you are using sliding doors. When an intruder tries to break in, you will get notified that someone is tampering with your entry.

Secure Your Windows

Another common way that burglars get inside your home is through your windows. So, as you look for the best security ideas for your home, prioritize your windows as well. Anytime you are away from home or when sleeping, keep your windows locked up. All windows come with a form of a built-in lock, but some are more efficient than others. If you live in an older home and the windows are yet to be upgraded, check how good the locks are.

Depending on your home location, there are times when thieves first investigate the valuables in your home before breaking in or planning a robbery. With a blind, a burglar will not be able to tell what valuables are in your house or how many people are in there. They might therefore stay away from your home. When choosing blinds, find something that will block anyone from seeing what is going on but at the same time let enough light in. Another way to secure your windows is by installing window alarms. If a burglar tries to break in, they will trigger an alarm which will alert you and scare them off.

Consider the Garage

One of the best security ideas for your home is securing your garage, as it is a common entry point to your home. They might not manage to get into your home, but they will get away with any valuables in your garage. Therefore, ensure that you always lock both the interior and exterior garage doors. Nowadays, homeowners install automatic garage door openers, making it difficult for burglars to get through but not impossible. When on vacation, clamp one of the doors with a padlock to keep it closed. You also need to ensure that your garage door is in good condition as well. Burglars look for a weak spot like a damaged garage door to break into houses. It would be best to hire a technician for garage door repair to help keep your home safe. Most homeowners leave their garage doors open for a long time and are nowhere in sight. This can be an invitation to burglars who are going around to either see what valuables are in your garage or even get in and steal. Do not assume because you are in a safe neighborhood or you are in your yard that you are entirely safe. It is best to take measures to protect yourself.

Upgrade Your Fence

When looking for the best security ideas for your home, you have to consider a fence that will not provide a hiding place for thieves. Burglars do not want to be exposed while they are breaking in. They find privacy appealing. You should get something see-through like aluminum fencing where even your neighbor will be able to see if someone is trying to break in. You can also monitor your landscaping as it grows and cut down what covers your house too much.

Another thing to consider when choosing a fence is if it is hard to climb over. A good height is about 8 ft tall. However, there are neighborhoods where homeowners’ associations have guidelines about how high the fences can be. Suppose you are in one of those neighborhoods; check in before installing yours. Minimize horizontal rails on your fence as they make it easy for burglars to get over your fence. You do not want something that burglars will bypass easily. A determined thief will find a way to either cut through your fence, go around it, or under it. You can prevent this by getting a fence that is hard to cut through and also secure it firmly to the ground using concrete.

Keep Your Valuables Safe

Most robbers will investigate houses to rob before breaking in. As a robber is snooping around through your windows, what can they see that may make you a target? Robbers can detect your level of wealth by peeping through your windows and seeing what items can give them good money. Keep your bikes, tools, or anything else that is easy to grab locked up in the garage when not using. Essential things like jewelry, cash, and personal documents should not be displayed in plain sight. You can move them into a different location that is less visible. There are burglars who go through your dumpster to ascertain how wealthy you are. For example, if an intruder is going through your trash and notices a box from your new expensive watch, they may target it. They will also see you have expensive taste and target your jewelry. Even the things you leave on your front door, like expensive toys and tools, can tempt burglars to break into your home.

Light Up Your Landscape

Burglars will opt for dimly lit areas because they prefer not to be in the spotlight. Keep your home’s exterior well-lit by placing lights on the front and back yards, near the garage, along pathways, or other outdoor structures. Consider installing motion sensor lights. A sudden light can throw off a burglar very quickly. They will think they made a noise that alerted the homeowner who switched on the lights. To save on energy, you can put the outdoor lights on a timer to only go on at night. Indoor motion sensor lights can also come in very handy. An intruder who has managed to break in will find it hard to move around your house unnoticed. In case you have traveled for a couple of days, you may want to leave a few lights on so that it looks like there is activity around your home.

Install a Home Security System

Most burglars avoid homes with security systems because they know they can easily trigger an alarm, notifying the homeowner. With the advancement of technology, you can control your home security from your phone. Therefore, you can arm it or disarm it easily even when you are at work. When an alarm goes off, it usually alerts the security company that installed the system and your neighbors, who will alert the police. When you choose a home security system, you have to factor in a few things like the security company and their reputation, your upfront and monthly costs, and your security needs. If you live in a reasonably secure neighborhood, you may not need a comprehensive security system compared to someone in an area prone to robbery.

Install Security Cameras

Along with a home security system, one of the best security ideas for your home is installing security cameras. Place them in strategic locations around your property where they will monitor all activities going on. When robbers notice security cameras around your house, they will get discouraged from robing it. Even if robbers manage to get in and steal from you, you can be able to report the issue and have them identified. Most lawyers will advise you that cameras are one way you can get justice for being robbed since there are no disputing captured events. When getting an alarm for your house, look for features like the ability to detect motion, Wi-Fi capability, night vision, and cloud storage. Also, get a camera with a mobile app so that you can monitor what is going on. There are times that pets can trigger alarm systems when you are not in the house. You will see whether it is an intruder or your pet and switch it off with the app.

Upgrade Your Roof Security

Your roof as well can be a point of entry to your home. As you consider the best security ideas for your home, find ways to ensure that burglars cannot break in through your roof. Air ducts, air vents, and rooftop hatchways need to be covered using firm security bars. People who install glass skylights need to ensure they are securely fastened that thieves will not get through. To discourage burglars from getting on top of your roof, do not leave ladders or trash containers next to the exterior wall. In case you were using the ladder, relocate it back to the garage or the tool shed. When installing a security system, you can add a motion sensor on the ceiling to detect roof movement. If you are using a tiled roof, ensure that it is securely fixed to the roof structure and that it does not open up quickly. Most people do not install a security system on the second floor. Therefore, you will find no window sensors on the windows and balcony doors most burglars are aware of. They, therefore, access your home through these points and rob you of your valuables. Do not solely focus on the ground floor and forget the others.

Take Care of the Mail

Most people are usually robbed when they are away on holiday. Robbers can notice inactivity in your house if the mailbox has piled up with envelopes and magazines. Newspapers on your driveways are also an indicator that you are out of town. When you plan to be away for a couple of days, you can contact your post office and suspend the mailing services. Once you return, you will receive all your mail. Another way is by asking your neighbors to collect your mail so that it does not build up. While at it, you can request them to watch out for any suspicious activity around your home. If you do not talk much to the neighbors, the alternative is hiring a sitter to watch over your house on the days you will be away.

Get a Safe

There are times that burglars will maneuver through your security system and get in the house. Therefore, one of the best security ideas for your home is contacting a home builder to install a safe in your home. You can store everything necessary, from important documents, jewelry, and cash. Get a safe that is waterproof, fire-resistant, and heavy enough that a robber will not manage to get away with.

When looking for the best security ideas for your home, you will find that there are initiatives you can take which will not cost you money. Also, you should factor in how secure your neighborhood is and the value of your property. Together with your budget, you will be able to choose something to secure your home.

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