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What Can a Business Lawyer do for You?

In this YouTube video, EPGD Business Law discusses the benefits of using a business lawyer. The business lawyer is the equivalent of a primary care physician for your body. Business lawyers can handle about 80% of a business’s everyday business needs. When they can’t, a company is referred to a different legal specialist.

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Business law impacts a business even before the company begins. During the formation phase, an individual or a group may have questions about which entity type to form: an LLC or a corporation. Business lawyers write up terms that protect all partnerships within the operating agreements.

Business lawyers help review leases when the company moves into a physical location. Trademark and copyright issues are addressed.

Business lawyers help draft employee contracts and help discern what’s needed based on the state in which the company will be operating. Essential things like complying with the American Disability Act or Family Medical Leave Act are gone over. They’ll also ensure a company understands when a business can make employees or independent contractors sign certain agreements.

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