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The Top 10 Crimes to Look Out For

Crime affects the entire world’s population and is prevalent in certain areas more than others. What’s more is that certain industries have become crime hot spots, and over the years, heinous crimes, including exotic animal poaching, have become a regular occurrence. Some of the top 10 crimes include car theft, home invasion, street racing, money laundering, and insurance fraud, to name a few.

Why Crime Hurts the Productivity of the Economy

Crime has a massive effect on the economy, and it causes locations to lose value in real estate. It results in more people becoming victims of crimes, and it reduces the feeling of safety. Sales are affected — People don’t want to be associated with certain industries or businesses because of the crime link (even when the company isn’t at all affiliated to a larger crime syndicate).

There’s a massive loss of tourism — Feeling safe in an unknown country is one of the top concerns for tourists. When crime is rife in a country a state, or a region, it rapidly lowers the influx of tourism, no matter how beautiful the place is. Public funds are affected — certain fundings in the public industry can no longer continue due to a lack of resources or as a result of becoming a target of crimes.

Crimes of prostitution, drug abuse, and gambling addiction also lower the economy, and as a result of a bad economy, prices skyrocket, and regular citizens struggle. Apart from crimes that may seem petty, there are also the bigger and more serious ones that can be classified as top 10 crimes because some are industry-controlled and organized and have lasting, domino effects on people’s daily lives and the country itself.

Collected in this piece are some of the top 10 crimes that are having a detrimental impact throughout the world. They are prevalent in the wealthiest and poorest of countries. Be on the lookout!

1. Car Theft

Car theft crimes have become increasingly common in the past few years and can easily be seen as one of the top 10 crimes in the United States and even in many other parts of the world for that matter. The act of crime has a very serious impact on the safety of drivers and their vehicles. Car theft isn’t just a crime of opportunity, as thieves can target certain vehicles and specific components to steal. The most common type of car theft involves breaking into the car, using tools like pliers or screwdrivers; sometimes, the thieves just resort to breaking a window.

If a window has been smashed and goods stolen, the owner of the car would have to report the incident and get assistance from their insurance, as a car repair of some sort would have to take place. If the vehicle hasn’t got a pre-fitted security system, it is crucial to have one installed. While most vehicles have security and alarm systems, thieves sometimes still get away with enough time to break into the car without alerting anyone.

2. Poaching

Exotic animal hunting is one of the top 10 crimes in the world today. It is a problem that is growing in intensity, with poachers targeting a variety of species across the world. These animals are often endangered or threatened and are illegally hunted for their meat, fur, body parts, or simply for sport. Poachers are known to use a variety of hunting methods and tools that include but are not limited to snares, traps, and guns to capture and kill these defenseless animals. Poachers are also known to use poisons and other chemicals to increase their success rate in killing the animal.

The ramifications of animal poaching is devastating and greatly impacts the environment, with the loss of keystone species, the disruption of ecosystems, and the destruction of habitats. Not only does this ecological damage cause harm to the local environment, it also greatly affects the economy. In addition to this, the sickening and illegal trade in exotic animal products is a multi-billion-dollar industry and is a major fueling force of organized crime.

3. Money Laundering

Money laundering is a serious crime that can have large consequences for individuals, organizations, and governments. It is hard to tell how much money is laundered in a year, but some findings have estimated over $300 billion in the United States. Money is often laundered in strip clubs, nightclubs, car washes, and even flower shops. An article by the Baltic News Network reported a flower shop bust in Latvia where the state police uncovered over 4.5 million Euros of laundered money. Money laundering covers often run as legal businesses with complete and legal business operations; however, they operate as shell companies.

Money laundering is usually tied to larger crimes like trafficking, terrorism, corruption, and other organized crimes. Some of the top 10 crimes involving money laundering recorded in history include the BCCI Scandal, where the BCCI bank in the 1920s was discovered to be funding and laundering billions of dollars used in a crime; the Benex Scandal involved an estimated $7 to $9 billion that have been laundered through the Benex Worldwide an account at the Bank of New York. With others including the Franklin Jurado case, Nauru, Al Capone, Meyer Lansky, Pablo Escobar, and President Suharto.

4. Street Racing

Illegal Street racing involves several vehicles. These include exotic cars, racing at high speeds through city streets and highways. It is extremely dangerous and with serious consequences that could be fatal, as well as destruction of property to the state and the individuals involved.

If you think about the illegal street racing scene, it is often associated with a culture of risk-taking, partying, and drug abuse. Sometimes drivers are intoxicated when driving, and the risks can also affect the passengers, bystanders, and the drivers of the vehicle. Exotic cars can be put up as the prize, and sometimes they often feature at these illegal events because of their rare qualities and powerful engines.

5. Carjacking

Carjacking is one of the top 10 crimes in the United States and can be a terrifying experience. It involves an attacker forcibly stealing a vehicle from another person, often with the threat of violence or the use of a weapon. Carjacking is most associated with urban areas but can occur in rural and suburban areas as well.

Other places that have witnessed carjacking crimes include parking lots, driveways, on the street, or any other location where a vehicle is parked or stopped. Carjacking is one of the top 10 crimes, and it is an extremely traumatic experience for the victim. This crime has also been known to result in physical injury or death.

It can also lead to the theft of valuable items inside the vehicle as well as the vehicle itself. To help protect yourself from carjacking, it’s important to stay aware of your surroundings and be aware of potential carjacking situations or areas that are known for this type of crime occurrence. Also, take care to keep your car doors locked and any valuable items out of sight. Carjacking may also result in damage to the car, and if the perpetrator hasn’t managed to steal the car but steel what is inside the car, there is most likely a broken window or other damage, and you may have to take the car for auto parts repairs.

6. Property Theft

Property theft can occur on many occasions, and it is something many people might have experienced at one time or the other. Property theft is the act of stealing someone else’s property, albeit expensive or inexpensive. According to the National Institute of Justice, property crimes can also include burglary, theft, vandalism, and arson. The crime can occur a. Sometimes, sketchy movers might take the liberty of taking their client’s property and leave without ever returning the items to the destination.

You should report any incident of crime, including if you realize that the movers have left with your property, stealing it from you. It is very important to let the police know and to seek assistance to help build a case against the perpetrators. Some people can get away with property theft for many years before being caught or before any justice is even served, and because they frequently get away, it results in frequent acts of the same type of crime.

7. Burglary Crimes

Burglary crimes remain a persistent problem in the United States. Burglaries are defined as unlawful entries into a structure with the intent to commit a crime, usually theft. Some statistics have shown that about 25% of burglary crimes take place in the daytime, and 1.7 million home burglaries were recorded in 2017, according to Forbes.

For the victims of crimes, the psychological damage of burglary can also have a long-term effect on victims, leading to anxiety and depression. To prevent burglaries, it is important to be aware of the risks and take steps to protect your home and business. Damage to property often occurs during a break-in, even damage to hardwood flooring, forced entry to the doors, window damage, and other assets inside the home. It is important to be aware of your surroundings and report any suspicious activity to the police.

8. Insurance Fraud

Insurance fraud crimes affects individuals, businesses, and insurance companies alike. The perpetrator takes advantage of the insurance resources and their trust. It occurs when someone makes false or exaggerated claims to benefit financially from an insurance company. It can take many forms, including falsifying information on an insurance application, staging accidents to collect money from insurance companies, and exaggerating the amount of a claim to receive more money from an insurance company.

Insurance fraud is a serious crime that can lead to financial losses, criminal penalties, and time in jail. There are many incidents of insurance fraud so it also makes one of the top 10 crimes and is estimated to cost over $230 billion to the state. Sometimes, supplemental insurance is also exploited.

9. Robbery

Robbery is one of the top ten crimes in the United States, and according to Statistica, in 2021, the rate of robbery was about 60%. Robberies can occur in all forms of circumstances, and it can be with or without weapons. Victims are often hurt in the process, and sometimes the situation can be fatal.

Victims should seek medical attention if they were injured during the robbery. They should also attempt to secure evidence that could assist in the prosecution of the perpetrator. An attorney can help the victim to win the case against their assailants.

10. Arson

Arson is one of the top 10 crimes in the United States and is a serious threat to public safety. Arson is defined as the intentional and malicious burning of property and includes the burning of homes, businesses, vehicles, or other personal or public property. In addition to the financial cost of repairing buildings, arson can cause harm to people and animals, and it can cause emotional and psychological distress.

Arson is one of the top 10 crimes as it is difficult to detect and prosecute. It often occurs in the dark of night and with no clues left behind. In an attempt to mitigate acts of arson, law enforcement works with local fire departments and fire marshals to investigate suspicious fires, using arson dogs to sniff out accelerants used to start the fire.

To prevent arson, people should take steps such as installing security cameras, increasing outdoor lighting, and making sure that locks and security devices are in working order. People can also report suspicious activity or suspicious people to law enforcement as soon as possible. Some home insurance companies provide cover for damage by fire, such as seen with crime, including arson. Check with your insurance provider whether they cover fire damage to your property.

If you or someone you know have been a victim of crime, take steps to report and secure the valuables that were stolen. You should also seek therapy and counseling for the traumatic experience that occurred. Violent acts of crime can leave a permanent mark on the victim and their supporting family members.

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