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What to Expect from a Personal Injury Claim

This YouTube video offers colorful and informative insight into the benefits of mediation in the settlement of personal injury insurance claims. The goal of mediation is to attain a win-win resolution, thus avoiding a lengthy and expensive trial.

In the initial session, the mediator will speak first and explain the benefits of the process. Your lawyer will then articulate the strongest points of your case.

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Next, you will have a chance to speak. You should take this opportunity to explain the impact that the injury has had on your life and health.

Then the other side will speak. The lawyer for the insurance company will explain the benefits of resolving the conflict and the risks of proceeding to trial. The adjuster will speak to you directly about your case and its role in the mediation process.

After the initial meeting, the parties will break into separate groups. The mediator will shuttle between the two, reviewing proposals and counter-proposals to settle matters. In the end, you want to show the adjuster that you are deserving of a settlement value at the higher end of the range that the adjustor believes your case could be worth should it go to trial.

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