Parenthood As a Single Mom

Deciding to become a single mom by choice came with some fears, but it created the strongest, most self empowering version of yourself. It allowed you to be the mom you dreamed of. Your life is not always easy, but you know your little man is so lucky to have you.

When you and your boyfriend at the time found out you were pregnant, one fo the easiest things to do may have been to get married, or at least live together. The fact that you were from two different countries, however, was going to create some real challenges. After many nights of long conversation you made the decision to try this parenting gig on your now, bak in the U.S., closer to your parents and other support group options. The father of your baby was not really interested in marriage anyway, and you promised that you would make visitations as easy as possible.

Custody Battles and Divorce Attorneys Often Involve Some Unique Challenges and Solutions
You had a dream, and in the end you got everything you wanted. These lyrics that are so close to a popular Billie Eilish song are pretty close to home. You realize that there is a spin to this sentiment, and that in Eilish’s song she says her dream coming true turned into a nightmare of pressure and shame. With the choices that you have made you, too, have felt those pressures, endured those shames.

More than once in your life you had a big plan.

More than once, however, you got everything you wanted.

It is not that you ever set out to be a single mom, but you definitely had different dreams about what motherhood could look like, what having a partnership could look like.

Had your dreams not come true, you likely would have been living a nightmare of sorts. But you are thankful that with the help of an international child custody lawyer you have created a schedule that works, a plan that has benefited you, your son’s father, and, most importantly, your son.

You realize, however, that you need to be thankful and today is just one of those days that thankfulness matters.

This moment today, for example, was so special. Wearing yesterday’s sweater and yesterday’s face, you were still overwhelmed by the beauty of your son’s eagerness to create. You could not find enough space to hold his creations. And he was so proud of what he had made at the local children’s museum: his two flags and his steam engine.

Someday, hopefully not too soon, he will not want you to be his plus one, he will not want to share a bed, he will not want to face paint and wear a paper hat he created himself. Because what should have been a “nightmare” has become your dream come true, you are a single mom who is able to visit the local sites with her son and still provide an income that you need to sustain your lives. It has taken a combination of three different jobs with very flexible schedule and the help oof your parents, but this situation has taught you determination and resilience, and you simply could not be prouder of how these first five years of your son’s life have gone.

Divorce and Personal Injury Lawyers Alike Both Face Interesting Situations

Any time you find yourself in need of legal advice, whether it is a child custody attorney or a personal injury lawyer, it is important to find someone who will take the time to understand your personal story. For example, as many as 40% to 50% of married couples in the U.S. divorce, but not all of them have the same reasons for seeking child custody. Some couples, in fact, even need a divorce, but are still looking for a child custody arrangement. Likewise, although over 50% of all road traffic deaths involve drivers between the ages of 15 and 44, not all of these people need the same kind of services from a personal injury lawyer.

If you find yourself in need of either a child custody or personal injury lawyer you want to take the time to select someone who will invest their time in learning your story. Your future, and the future of your children, may depend on it.

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