Why You Need a Real Estate Attorney

All real estate transactions are complex, whether you’re buying or selling a home or dealing with restrictions on your property. A reliable firm of real estate lawyers can help you through the process while avoiding pitfalls of which you may not be aware. It’s important to choose an attorney whom you can trust and with whom you can communicate. Most reputable law firms have attorneys who specialize in this area of practice, along with others like estate planning, contract and criminal defense attorneys.

Do you need a real estate attorney?
Real estate transactions are governed by a complex of local, state and federal laws and regulations, and even what seems to be a straightforward transaction may encounter problems. Closings, title issues, zoning laws, restrictions and boundary disputes may all slow down or even force you to cancel your plans.
If you’re planning on buying or selling a house, or are involved in any kind of real estate matters, it’s always a good idea to have an experienced firm with real estate attorneys who can advise and guide you. Most firms specialize in numerous practice areas, with real estate, estate planning, custody, and criminal defense attorneys. Some cases in which you might need legal advice include the following:

  • Closings
    Buying a home is one of the most important and difficult things you will do in your life. Even if you have a real estate agent, it’s a good idea to have an attorney to draft and review the purchase and sale contracts. Some common problems that crop up at closings include title disputes, structural issues with the house, and financial matters.
  • Restrictions
    Some properties come with restrictions due to city ordinances, private covenants, and environment concerns. These can set conditions and restrictions on the ways in which the property can be used. Real estate law is complicated and it will take an experienced attorney to find out what restrictions exist and if they can be altered, eased or removed.
  • Boundary disputes
    Some properties come with boundary disputes, and new ones may arise due to changing circumstances. These disputes can get out of hand and also do more harm by creating ill-feeling among neighbors. An experienced firm of real estate attorneys can help to resolve such disputes. If the matter goes to court, they can argue the case to your best advantage

How to find a good real estate attorney
If you are facing any of these situations, it is a good idea to find a real estate attorney to help you. Most reputable law firms will have attorneys who specialize in this area of law, along with contract, probate and criminal defense attorneys. When looking for real estate or criminal defense attorneys, it’s important to find someone you can trust, who understands your goals.
Good lawyers, whether they are real estate, probate, custody or criminal defense attorneys will listen to their clients and maintain open communication with them.

The world of real estate law is complex and its best to have good legal advice when you have to conduct any transactions in this sphere. A good attorney will help smooth the process and avoid any serious mistakes.

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