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Choosing the Best Personal Injury Attorney The Expert Guide

Research shows that about 96% of personal injury cases are settled pre-trial. Getting the right lawyer is the first step to a successful negotiation or trial. Yet, it can be a daunting task.

In case you get into a motorcycle accident, a motorcycle accident lawyer will represent you when bringing a case against someone for the injuries caused, or to defend you when you are the accused. Affordability and comfort are two things you can’t afford to ignore when choosing a lawyer. Work diligently to get the best fit for your case.

When hiring a lawyer to handle personal injury, the following key factors come into play:

Physical location and Presentation

Depending on radio and TV commercials for an auto accident attorney can be misleading. Most of these ads can lead you to attorneys in different cities or states, somehow dictating your choice of who will handle your case.

Out-of-state lawyers often refer you to a law firm near where your case will be heard, leaving you with almost no choice.

Getting a local lawyer familiar with the local law, local case proceedings, and local judges will give you an upper hand.

Additionally, you should not choose a lawyer based on the physical appearance of their office. While some prefer to keep a low profile in average offices, others prefer high-end offices in fancy buildings.

Choosing an office is an attorney’s personal preference. Instead of personal appearance, choose an attorney who will best represent your interest.

Lawyer Expertise

Many law firms operate General lawyers who can handle:

  • Real estate.
  • Criminal defense.
  • Personal injury.

You want to avoid general lawyers; instead, go specifically for a motorcycle accident lawyer who is likely to be more familiar with the law and possess excellent trial skills to make your trial a success.

Additionally, the type of school a lawyer went to, or their academic excellence may add very little to the success of a case. Going to a fancy law school, or graduating top of the class may be useless for a personal injury lawyer who lacks negotiating skills.

Thoroughly vet your lawyer before hiring him or her. You can easily do this by using questions to gauge the level of their expertise.

Reputation and Experience

Accessing the best auto accident attorneys is such a hassle and requires lots of research. Be sure to read customer reviews online.

Attorney’s success stories will also help gauge their level of experience, and if they are the best fit for your case. It is advisable to have several candidates before making the final choice.

Experienced attorneys are likely to have developed a reputable relationship with claim adjusters, not settling for less, and as tough litigators who insurance companies dread. Such attorneys, however, often have high caseloads and may not always be readily available.

New attorneys, on the other hand, are more likely to take in new clients. To build a good reputation, they’ll fight harder. They are also the most affordable auto accident lawyers.

Financial Strength

Most catastrophic injury cases are expensive and complicated. A law firm’s financial capability will determine whether or not they can handle such lawsuits. Successful attorneys in this litigation should be able to provide finances for medical reviews, engineering experts, and medical practitioners.

With limited financial strength, a law firm will not adequately represent a personal injury client.

How to Find a Motorcycle Accident Lawyer

Knowing what to look for in a good lawyer is one thing, but getting the right candidate for the job is another. You can narrow down your search through:


Your friends or family can be able to suggest a good motorcycle accident lawyer for you, especially ones who have had such cases in the past.

Lawyers who have represented you in other avenues like the purchase of a property can also suggest for you a good lawyer from their network.

Bar Associations

State and local bar associations have lawyer referrals, where you can contact your preferred lawyer from a list of local attorneys.

Choosing a personal injury lawyer isn’t the easiest thing, especially if it is your first time to do so. Get a lawyer with a good reputation, financial strength, and expertise. Know what exactly your needs are, thoroughly vet potential candidates and choose a suitable one.

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