The Massive American Need for Divorce Attorneys

Updated 09/14/22

Divorce has become as normal as breathing around us. Every 36 seconds, a couple at a family court is handling a simple divorce proceeding or a nasty fallout with casualties nationwide. Child custody and support lawyers, family attorneys, and family law attorneys have a field day in return. The demand for alternative divorce mediation services is also high as cases soar. Family mediators are the best at helping couples handle custody and other thorny issues resulting in a quick divorce process. It allows children to heal faster compared to dragging court battles. Most people, however, prefer to have a divorce attorney in the mix, even when it is a uncontested divorce where the other partner wants nothing else apart from the dissolution of the union. Child custody, child support, alimony, and prenuptial agreements are crucial facts to understand about divorce cases. They will help you to decide on the lawyers or mediators to engage when you go for a hearing. It is advisable to work with the best. It safeguards your needs and welfare during such proceedings.

So many divorces take place in the United States, that there is a great deal of work for divorce attorneys and a large need for divorce attorneys at all times. Basically, one occurs about every 36 seconds, with about 2,400 divorces daily, 16,800 weekly, and between 827,000 and 876,000 of divorces annually nationwide. It appears that divorce is a common thing in our country, and there is also a lot to consider about the value of divorce lawyers in our country along with the number of them that are needed on a regular basis.

Cost of Divorce and Divorce Attorneys

Considering the expensive nature of divorce, both in paying for the attorney and paying for the entire process and all of the separation of assets and other issues can completely drain a couple. Approaching all questions including the home, custody of the kids, other properties, and other issues include the expense of divorce attorneys by both parties. And because it can become more expensive the longer it takes, civil agreements may be much more affordable and comfortable than actual divorces. There are even options for low-cost divorce attorneys.

Specific Work of a Divorce Attorney

The legal activity of any divorce is likely not the same as a criminal case battled in court, facing a jury, and looking for a judge’s response. However, the point of convincing a judge which party is the most responsible or worth of the marital assets, especially the kids, tends to take up the most time and cost the most in the entire process. Luckily, unlike any criminal case, the time that a divorce takes can all be determined by you. If you both would like to have things come to an end quickly, then you are able to work toward those terms right away and make sure that you handle things positively and make agreements. However, if you prefer to add battle and challenge to the case, then divorce lawyers are left with much more work to do, and eventually more cost on the part of those they represent.

Low-Cost Divorce Attorneys and Other Issues

Luckily, the legal activity of divorce and custody hearings are not as temperate or challenging as criminal cases and others. Many divorces include the need to complete various terms on uncontested settlements, including custody and all other assets. While the children are likely the most valuable portions of this settlement, personal communication and agreements can be determined by the two parties on their own, unlike criminal cases that have to rely on the analysis of a jury. You, as a couple, have the right to simply sign papers and avoid the issue of the courts in total. If couples agree that incompatibility between them that causes a divorce, then agreements for custody and financial issues can often be agreed upon much more effectively. In just over half of all divorces, both parents agree that the mother should be the guardian, which sounds like there is plenty of room for agreement and settlement, avoiding much of the tension and expense that comes with divorce.

The Need for More Than Divorce Attorneys

Considering all of the items that are included in a divorce, there may be other attorneys needed during the case. Especially considering the children of the marriage, there could be the need for child custody lawyers and child support lawyers. Divorce attorneys are able to help with all of these issues, but sometimes a special attorney in these matters may be most helpful if it is a difficult decision to be made. There are many other specialties that all divorce attorneys can help to complete your case. Some of these that can help reduce cost and time, both for a low-cost divorce attorney or reduced cost casework include:

  • Child custody attorneys
  • Child support attorneys
  • Family attorneys
  • Family law attorneys

With all of these special family legal fields, among many more, there is much to be gained from work as a lawyer, as well as the potential to seek out the best lawyer for your case. Whether you are facing a divorce or a legal case of any other sort there is always access to find the best attorney for your needs.

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