4 Injuries That Take Place After a Car Accident

If you’re wanting to travel from one location to another, you’ll likely need an automobile. That being said, driving an automobile carries the risk of potentially being involved in a car accident. Research shows that 6 million car accidents take place throughout the United States each year. Unfortunately, these accidents that take place each year cause about 3 million people to get injured. Considering that, it’s important to understand what types of injuries take place after a car accident. Here are four common types of injuries that occur after an automobile accident takes place.

  1. Cuts

    Automobile accidents often cause people to deal with various types of cuts and scrapes. This happens due to drivers traveling at high speeds. After a collision occurs, you’re likely going to collide with parts of your automobile. In addition, the impact of a collision often causes car windows to shatter which can cause cuts and scrapes. It’s wise to receive medical attention for your cuts after a car accident occurs. If not, these cuts could turn into serious infections.
  2. Broken Bones

    Not everyone walks away from car accidents with minor cuts and scrapes. In certain situations, car accidents cause victims to suffer from broken bones. For instance, you might suffer broken ribs after your vehicle’s seatbelt holds you in place. You might also deal with broken bones in your arms and legs as the result of an automobile accident. Receiving medical attention after these injuries occur ensures your broken bones will heal properly.
  3. Whiplash

    One of the most common types of injuries that happen after an accident is whiplash. When two cars collide, these vehicles often stop extremely quickly. In turn, this causes the body to move at rapid speeds. After this takes place, muscles and ligaments in your body react to such a sudden stop. Therefore, the end result of this is a condition known as whiplash. Considering that, whiplash is a condition that often requires time and medical attention to fully heal.
  4. Mental Trauma

    Many types of car accidents cause injuries that aren’t physical. Car accidents are often extremely stressful which can leave someone dealing with post traumatic stress. While not a physical injury, mental trauma is a problem that often requires medical attention and therapy to resolve. With that in mind, it’s a good idea to contact a car accident injury attorney after your collision occurs. While your accident might not cause physical injuries, mental trauma often requires professional help to remedy.

In conclusion, it’s understandable to wonder about which types of injuries take place after being involved in an automobile accident. Unfortunately, it often takes quite a bit of money to receive medical attention after being injured. Research form the United States Department of Justice found that motor vehicle accidents are responsible for 52% of personal injury cases. If you want to have someone on your side after this traumatic event occurs, contact a car accident injury attorney. A car accident attorney provides legal advice while helping to ensure you receive the compensation you deserve. If you or someone you know was hurt after a collision, it’s wise to contact a car accident injury attorney.

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