When to Hire a Divorce Lawyer

Marriage is one of the oldest and most common institutions in the entire world, and that is no different in the modern day. Americans from all walks of life and ethnic or religious backgrounds become married and form households. However, sometimes marriages end, and this can be a complex legal matter to resolve. Divorce rates have in fact been growing in the past few decades, and there are many reasons who two spouses may choose to divorce. When this happens, divorce lawyers may be hired by one (or usually both) parties. A divorce lawyer will indeed use the law to advocate his or her client’s side, and a spouse can look up local divorce law firms to start the divorce process. Filing divorce papers may start a simple and quick, or a long and messy, procedure based on the assets that are at stake. Some divorces are more complex than others, especially if under-18 children are involved. When is it time to call for divorce lawyers? And why do Americans get divorced?

Why Divorce

Divorce has been relatively rare in most of human society, as households were essential for maintaining the population. Due to increased life expediency rates and new social liberties, more people choose to file for divorce if they believe that it is necessary. Why are American getting divorced? Infidelity is often the most common reason, when one spouse is unfaithful to the other. It has been determined that men and women alike commit infidelity at roughly the same rates, though not always for the same reason. Other common reasons may include drug or alcohol abuse, verbal or physical abuse, or major differences in spending habits. In some cases, a simple lack of personal compatibility may drive a divorce, when the two spouses realize that they don’t “click” the way they once thought that they would.

Some demographics or personal history may affect divorce rates. For example, if two people have a long dating period, such as around three years, they are more likely to remain married after their engagement. This lengthy dating period gives them enough time to test compatibility in many different areas, and the opposite is true of a short dating period. Divorce is much more likely when the dating period before engagement is shorter than one year. Even the number of previous marriages may affect the chances of divorce for the current union. Statistics show that the divorce rate for a first marriage is close to 41%, with the divorce rates of second marriages being 60% and the divorce rate of third marriages being a massive 73%. In the United States, some regions are known for more divorces than others. The Western states have the highest divorce rates in the nation, with the South having lower rates and the Northeast region having lower rates still.

Filing For Divorce

Any number of the reasons listed above may prompt one spouse to file for divorce and look for divorce lawyers to hire, but some cases call for extra steps. For example, if one of the spouses is abusing drugs or is violent, the divorcing spouse4 may relocate themselves, and any kids that they have, to another residence. This will be a secret and anonymous residence that the divorcing spouse and their kids will live in while the divorce procedure is under way. In fact, the divorcing spouse may not even meet their other spouse in person for a while, instead acting through divorce lawyers who represent them. The other spouse, meanwhile, may choose to look for a divorce attorney of their own to represent their interests, and both parties’ lawyers will debate details and assets of the divorce.

Child custody may be a major factor in a household that includes under-18 kids. A child custody lawyer or judge may take part to ensure a fair procedure, and the two spouses may hotly contest custody of the kids. In some cases, a mediator may be hired to help both sides articulate meaningful and productive ideas and offers. A mediator does not take sides or create their own ideas, but rather coaxes out productive and fair ideas from both parties. This can make a divorce faster and smoother for everyone.

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