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Why You May Need a Domestic Violence Law Firm

If you’re involved in a domestic violence matter, you may need to consider seeking assistance from a domestic violence law firm. The YouTube video explores how these professionals can assist you before, during, and after a hearing. For example, by obtaining a restraining order.

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How to Get a Restraining Order

Are you a victim of domestic violence? Your first line of defense is to obtain a restraining order. It protects you against the perpetrator’s attempts to attack you again. However, you may need to seek the assistance of an attorney proficient in this branch of law.

Research domestic violence law firms in your area and select a firm with a solid track record and a good reputation. These lawyers can assist you in obtaining a temporary restraining order while you wait for the court hearing. Complete the necessary forms at the courthouse or online and provide supporting documents.

There may be a fee associated. Apply to the court clerk. A judge will review the application and may deny it or grant you a temporary restraining order. The defendant will receive a copy of the TRO with the hearing date.

You’ll state your case at the hearing. If you win the matter, the judge will issue a permanent restraining order that may last for up to five years.


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