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Why Work With an Estate Attorney Once You’re Married?

According to WealthCouncel, 71% of adults in the United States say creating an estate plan would make them feel like a good parent or partner. If you’re getting married or have just gotten married, now’s the time to be a good partner and hire an estate attorney with your new spouse. Together, you can create an estate plan that works for you both in the unlikely event something happened to one of you.

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Wills and trusts are confusing for most, which is why it’s important for newlyweds to work with professional estate lawyers who understand the legal and financial implications of marriage and estate law. If one or both of you have children from past marriages or relationships, you may want to pass down your now shared wealth to the children. If there aren’t children in the picture, you may want to grant your now shared wealth to one of you if the other suddenly passes away.

Professional estate attorneys help draft wills and trusts, prepare advanced directives, aid you in purchasing the correct insurance, and help make a plan for transferring wealth quickly to your spouse. An estate attorney will ensure that any unexpected life changes are addressed with a well-thought-out plan you and your spouse can draft together with the help of the professional.

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