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Why One Should Hire a Real Estate Attorney

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UPDATED 3/5/21

Many complicated financial or legal matters may require some professional assistance. Writing one’s own will, for example, may be trickier than expected, and buying or selling a house can involve some serious paperwork, too. This is where real estate law can be relevant: when lawyers assist their clients with selling their homes, financing a mortgage, or handling a previous owner who may try to claim a house. A law firm can be contacted not just for real estate law, but also for writing one’s own will. A person’s private estate, by contrast, is not only the house where they live but also their finances, cars or boats, or even a privately owned business. In other cases, a person may hire a lawyer after they have suffered an injury in an auto accident.

Real Estate Law

Buying a new house can be one of the most exciting moments in your life. But before you can get started decorating and making your new home your own, you’ll need to find and purchase a new place. Everyone knows how important a real estate agent is when it comes to finding the right home, but people often forget to consult a real estate attorney during the purchase process. An attorney for house purchase can ensure that you and your new home are protected. And you’ll be pleasantly surprised at how reasonable attorney fees for buying a house can be. You might be asking yourself, “Do I need a lawyer to review real estate contract?” Just like with a bankruptcy attorney, the answer to that question depends to a large extent on your comfort level. While it’s absolutely possible to purchase a house without a real estate attorney, working with a qualified real estate attorney with local knowledge can expedite the process, protect your rights and give you peace of mind.

Homeowners may have more complicated paperwork and finances to deal with than Americans who rent their living spaces instead. According to Hire A Lawyer, real estate law is a broad term for legal assistance with housing property. Attorneys who deal with real estate law can be hired by a client to help them with finances or ownership matters, for example. If a new homeowner is taking out a mortgage, a real estate lawyer may help them through all this paperwork and ensure that everything is done correctly and fairly the first time. First-time homeowners, such as Millennials, may need this help the most. Those of the Millennial generation, born about 1982-1995, are now old enough to start buying homes and cars, but they may not have much experience with such matters like the Baby Boomers do. Real estate law may be overwhelming for a Millennial homeowner who is taking out his or her first mortgage, but a hired lawyer can smooth everything out.

Older Americans sometimes put their homes on the real estate market, and transferring ownership of a home from one person to another may be tricky sometimes. Real estate lawyers may help with this too, and either the seller or the buyer (or both) may make use of these lawyers to keep everything fair and correct. For example, a homeowner may find the previous owner claiming ownership of the home, such as for tax exemption purposes. The current homeowner may turn to a real estate lawyer if need be, to represent their side in litigation.

A Will

Many Americans have a written will for the intended purposes of their estate. The money in their bank accounts, a house or vacation home, a car or boat, or even a privately owned business may be left over after that person passes on. The problem is that this estate may be abused unless protected by a strongly-written will. Creditors may seize the deceased’s assets, or dishonest family members may take most of the estate for themselves. An estate lawyer can help a client write a legally blinding, clear, and professional will that will protect their estate from such abuse. The estate will instead be handled as the deceased intended. It should be noted that many Americans do not yet have a will written, due either to procrastination or believing that their estate is too small to bother with. However, a legally-binding will is always a fine idea for estates big and small.

Personal Injury

A person might turn to a lawyer if he or she suffered injuries in an auto accident. Many drunk or distracted drivers are on American roads today, and their impaired judgment, coordination, and attention spans make the roads deadly. Even a driver preoccupied with their cell phone is dangerous, a they may not see an incoming car or pedestrian until it is too late. Other times, severe weather such as heavy snow or rain may make driving dangerous.

A car accident victim is urged to find a personal injury lawyer who can represent them in litigation. Such a lawyer will have expertise and experience with relevant laws, and this attorney will have the objective and clear-headed perspective needed to pursue the case. These lawyers can also factor in serious injuries on the client’s part. A client who can no longer perform paying work due to injuries will experience a major financial complication, and a lawyer can work out the numbers.

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