What is commercial real estate law and how does it affect me?

Commercial real estate law affects anyone running a business within a commercial dwelling. There are a number of things to consider and the laws can be confusing for some people, the best thing you can do is speak to a commercial real estate attorney to get the rundown.

Insurance is put in place to help companies bounce back after any kind of natural disaster, fire, robbery, and much more. The legal structure of certain insurance policies can have a number of loop holes you may be unaware of. If you have been affected by a disaster and don’t know what the nest steps are a commercial real estate law firm can give you the guidance you need to tackle the claims process. A lawyer can break down the contract between you and the insurance provider and help you get the claim you deserve.

When having a building constructed there can be all kinds of issues that arise whether it is from the workers involved, the work being done, or the amount agreed upon between contractor and employer. Having binding contracts in place can help to avoid any conflict or confusion and ensure each party knows what they are getting into right from the beginning. If a problem ever occurs during the construction process it is always worth your time to get some advice from a commercial real estate law firm before moving forward. There could be an easy way to settle things without a long drawn out court proceeding and speaking to an attorney may help you find that exact route.

Texas law states, a breach of contract claim needs to be filed within four years, unless the contract specifically states two years. Anytime you enter a commercial contract with multiple employers you are taking a gamble. There may come a time when you had a specified date the work was supposed to be done and the contractor has breached the contract, in this case you may require hiring other people to finish the job thus costing you more. If this is in fact a breach of contract you may be entitled to a claim. In this case you would want to speak to a commercial real estate attorney to move forward.

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