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SWFL Crime Stoppers named ‘most productive’

Recently, in a regional conference of North Carolina Southwest Florida Crime Stoppers has been given the prestige to be reckoned as “most productive” crime stoppers programs. SWFL earned this honor in the 32nd annual training conference of Southeastern Association of Crime Stoppers.
It is said that in 2012 the program had received a big number of tips which helped the authorities to arrest 732 criminals involved in different felony crimes. Besides, the tips also helped to clear 1,628 cases of various natures.  In addition, the supplied information also worked to seize drugs and property of $1,136,957 worth in the 2012 year and the reward given to the whistle blowers was about $165,938.
Apart from this, SWFL had also earned the status of “Premier Management” for forwarding thousands of fliers to every household existing in the vicinity of 33916 zip code.  The forwarded fliers contained all the information of murders and murderers and it was requested to people to supply any information pertaining to that serious criminal activities. Crime Stoppers Coordinator Trish Routte said in his statement that “the recently given awards display enough testimony that SWFL program is smoothly working with the coordination of media, civil society and law enforcement agencies”.
Last but not the least, the number of tips being received from people living in Southwest Florida clearly opines that people do not want to live in a polluted society. They are supplying key information and it clearly shows that they want to clean the areas from any criminal activity. No doubt, the speedy investigation process carried by law enforcement agencies is also one of the factors that lead the programs towards the path of success.

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