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SWFL Crime Stoppers applauded

Southwest Florida Crime Stoppers is marching towards the path of success. The program being launched by SWFL has been highly regarded in the conference of Southeastern Association of Crime Stoppers.  The biggest award it earned was the label of “most productive” program in the Southeast United States.
Apart from this, Trish Routte the coordinator of this program had also got the award of “Best Coordinator of the year”. In 2013, this local program of SWFL helped the authorities to arrest 732 suspects and they had subsequently closed 1600 cases of different crimes.  Besides, the authorities had also seized more than more than $1.1 million in property and drugs.
The coordinator of the program Trish Routte said that “the number of tips we receive from the people of Southwest Florida clearly shows that our community does not like existence of criminal elements in the society and they want to work for safety and security of the community”.

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