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Simple Tips to Find a Quality DUI Attorney

If you are arrested and charged with driving under the influence of alcohol (DUI), you may feel overwhelmed and frightened. In this video, viewers see why working with a DUI attorney is the best strategy to help you as you prepare for court. Every state has different statutes that apply to DUI arrests.

An experienced lawyer will know these statutes and be able to interview you to find out how to get you the most lenient penalties possible.

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When you meet with the attorney, they will ask you questions to help clarify the changes that may be imposed on you. The lawyer will want to know if the officer did a field sobriety test. If a test is done, the lawyer will ask for details of the test. They will also want to know the result of the sobriety test.

There are questions you can ask the lawyer. Ask them if they have had court experience – since many DUI lawyers do not have experience presenting cases in court. You should also ask if the lawyer you are meeting with is the one who will bring the case to court. With charges potentially impacting your legal status or ability to drive, you will want to be sure you can trust the attorney.

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