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Personal Injury Lawyer and Calculating Return

This video is to help the viewer in hiring a car accident attorney and figure out how much they should ask for when calculating return. When you are in a car accident and have suffered terrible damages, besides the hospital bill being a concern you also want to keep in mind what is called pain and suffering. Pain and suffering refer to the mental and emotional damage that you have been through in any instance.

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This does not necessarily mean you go to the hospital for these issues but can mean that you have been stressing about the after-effects of a car accident. This stress can include having to file insurance claims, possibly purchase a new car if the car has been totaled, as well as getting any trauma from being in the accident.

There are many ways a car accident attorney may calculate pain and suffering on your behalf. They might look at hospital bills, as well as any kind of therapy bills, like physical or emotional therapy. They will also calculate it by looking at how much time was spent in the hospital as well as any pain and suffering there will be after the case has been settled.


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