Legal Assistance with a Divorce

Marriage stands as one of the oldest and most universal institutions in the entire world, designed to unite a man and woman into a reproductive household. Today, this is still very much the case, and many parts of the world also recognize same-sex marriages. Same-sex households are known for adopting children, and this is a common arrangement in some parts of the world. Either way, it is also fairly common for marriages to come to a legal end, known as divorce. Divorce rates are now higher than in decades or centuries past, and this means that many Americans and Europeans may need legal help with divorce, such as from divorce attorneys and divorce lawyers. Child custody lawyers may also become involved if the divorcing spouses have one or more children under the age of 18 in the household. Getting help with divorce may, in other cases, be simpler, such as hiring a mediator. What is there to know about divorces today and getting help with divorce? The right help with divorce can help make this unpleasant process smoother and fairer to all involved.

Why Divorce Happens

Statistics show that roughly 50% of marriages in the United States end with divorce, and the numbers also show that a person’s second or third marriage is even more likely to end with divorce than their first. Why does this happen? Each couple is different, but surveys and statistics show that a few particular causes are most typical. Infidelity is at the top of the list, and this is when one spouse is unfaithful to the other. Both men and women may be unfaithful, but not always for the same reasons. The emotional distress of infidelity can easily prompt the other spouse to file for divorce. Meanwhile, divorce is also common if one spouse is abusing drugs or alcohol, as such substance abuse may put a huge financial strain on the household. That, and substance abuse may lead to the loss of one’s job or radical personality changes, and a drug addict or alcoholic may become abusive or commit crimes to sustain their habit. And even if substance abuse isn’t involved, a spouse may be physically, verbally, or even sexually abusive toward other members of the household.

Not all divorces are so dramatic, however. Some marriages end simply because the spouses realize that they have little to no personal compatibility, and they may have very different lifestyles or spending habits. Studies suggest that two people who date for three or more years before their engagement are less likely divorce than those who marry early in their relationship. Such a divorce is no less valid than a divorce involving infidelity or drugs, though, and even someone going through a low-drama divorce like this may want help with divorce all the same.

Expert Help With Divorce

Whether a divorce is a simple one, or a messy affair with kids or a lot of property involved, the spouses will probably want help with divorce. In the case of milder divorces, such as those with no children and little property or money involved, a mediator may be a fine idea. Spouses may prefer this because mediators will not typically cost as much as divorce lawyers, and a mediated case is much more private since it doesn’t involve courts. What is more, the spouses will have total control over their divorce, unlike if they went through a court. A mediator may act as a neutral third party that helps both spouses come up with productive and fair ideas for making the divorce successful and smooth, and that mediator may help foster strong and meaningful communication the entire time.

Other divorces are large ones that certainly call for lawyers, and a divorce attorney will represent their client’s interests in living arrangements and ownership of assets and money. Child custody lawyers may be involved when the household has children under the age of 18. What is more, the spouse filing for divorce may relocate to a different, private residence during these proceedings if they face abuse or danger at home (and they may take their children with them). This spouse choose to interact with their other spouse only through their lawyer, and the other spouse will probably hire an attorney of their own.

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