Lawyers Warriors Of Law As Well As Mediators

Have you been wrongly convicted of a crime? Are you looking to divorce as cleanly as possible? Have you been injured recently and do not know where to start? Then you need legal help from a lawyer.

A lawyer practices and studies the laws of the country they reside in. It is their job to find laws that rightly benefit you, like personal injury or divorce or even adopting a child. However, if you have a lawyer for a case, so does the other party. It is not recommended to show up on your court date without legal help in any situation.

Do I need a divorce lawyer? It is highly recommended, considering first, second and third marriages will end 41 percent of the time, 60 percent of the time, and 73 percent of the time, respectively. Furthermore, the unfortunate truth is that 30 percent of those failing, or failed, marriages are experienced by children under the age of 18. In fact, that number hovers over 1 million children every single year. And with 876,000 divorces tallied in the United States, equating to a single divorce every 36 seconds, every third divorce will involve children. With a lawyer present, even if both parties are on good terms and there are not children involved, it is best to have a middle man capable of coming to a compromise that both parties can agree upon.

How about if I have been accused of a serious crime? Then you will have become 1 of 10,000 people who experience the same problem in the United Sates. Utilizing a lawyer in these situations, who have knowledge of the law, can be the difference between freedom and an undetermined amount of time in jail.

Lawyers also have their hand in personal injury claims. They are integral in defining your rights if you have been injured like product liability, which is 5 percent of cases, or the 52 percent of cases involving motor vehicles, or even the 15 percent of cases involving medical malpractice. And for Alabama natives, you should know that if you have had a wrongful death or personal injury, you have two years worth of wiggle room before the Statue of Limitations are up.

To take away from this, you should note that lawyers do not always have to fight tooth and nail for you. That does not always have to be their job. You may just need someone to mediate a meeting or strike up a living will, like 72 percent of American seniors do. It’s like deciding to take a jacket out in a breezy day; it is better to have it and not need it, than to need it and not have it.


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