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Lawful Immigration Is Best Done With A Helping Hand How To Obtain Your Green Card In 2019

Immigration isn’t an easy issue to get a grasp on. Not when laws seem to change on a whim.

One minute legal immigration seems like an outcome for you and your family. The next it can seem all but impossible. The best immigration lawyer is your first line of defense in these uncertain times, able to provide you up-to-date information to keep you moving forward. These include unique state laws, several years’ of experience, and access to vital resources. If you or someone you know is attempting legal immigration, consider reading below.

Do you need to find a good immigration lawyer soon? Make sure you know what you’re looking for with these most asked questions.

How Many Immigrants Currently Live In The United States?

The United States is known for being a country with a large population of immigrants. According to recent census information, nearly 45 million foreign-born people currently live in the country. This number of foreign-born individuals has more than quadrupled since the 1960’s and is expected to reach 80 million once 2065 arrives. While that seems very far away, much of the work being done now is to address these changes. This means new immigration policies, new state laws and, of course, new immigration lawyers.

What Recent Changes Have Been Made To Immigration Policy?

It’s difficult keeping track of the new immigration laws in the news. This is just one of the many things the best immigration lawyer can help you keep track of. New changes to be aware of are new methods of processing applications online, which may or may not be accessible depending on your situation. Whether or not your family has used food stamps in the past can also be a barrier to obtaining a green card, as per a new rule brought in by the new administration. There’s no need to worry about keeping track with a lawyer helping you every step of the way.

How Does Immigration Affect Other Areas Of Life?

The best immigration lawyer is designed to create a bridge between your old life and the new. Immigration can affect many areas of your life if not done properly, from your education opportunities to the types of jobs you can get. More than 60% of immigrants in the United States today have lived in the country for 15 years or more. Overall, immigrants make up nearly 15% of the total population. Interestingly, between the 1990’s and 2015 immigrant homeownership rose by 3% while American-born homeownership went down.

What Is A Green Card And How Does It Work?

The function of a green card is to provide you a permanent residency. Obtaining this can be difficult depending on your situation and how many others in your family are also applying. Residents becoming naturalized citizens back in 2015 had spent around seven years in LPR status (short for ‘lawful permanent residency’). Recent data has found the immigrant population in 2016 was older than the American-born population — the median age was 45 years old, compared to 35 years old for native born. This is a lot of information to take in, but a San Francisco immigration lawyer can help.

Which Questions Should I Ask An Immigration Lawyer?

You want to find the best immigration lawyer. You’re also intimidated by the process and not sure how long you’ll wait. Write down a list of all your questions and bring them to immigration law to get started, such as wait lists and barriers to entry. They’ll walk you through the process of applying for your green card, up to and including other family members under your name. Immigration attorneys always have an ear to the ground to keep you updated and increase your chances of being accepted.

It’s hard to make a long journey alone. Let an immigration lawyer help.

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