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How Social Security Lawyers Get Paid

Social security law operates based on enabling disabled people to access benefits. These lawyers are paid on their ability to win court cases and is on a contingency basis. Receiving disability benefits is a complex and time-intensive process that is confusing for most people. The primary function of social security lawyers is to help the disabled through the process and ensure they understand the factors that influence payment. The lawyer is paid once you win the disability claim and take a fraction of the settlement.

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This video explains how SSDI lawyers get paid and the factors influencing the claims process.

The flat rate for lawyer fees is around 25% of the benefits due. This figure depends on the length of the proceedings. Most lawyers do not charge for services rendered. The fee is deducted from the settlement amount before the client receives it. A social security lawyer does all the work for you and ensures everything is done by the book. There are cases where the lawyer may submit a petition for the fees with a list of expenses incurred during the procedure. SSDI lawyers also give payment terms for the sake of transparency.

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