Circumstances That Constitute A Lawyer

Criminal law is a very broad term that encompasses, well, everything that has to do with law, from property damage to sexual assault. Within criminal law are individuals that study the laws in order to protect their clients or hinder another. These individuals are known as lawyers, attorneys, members of the bar, legal advisers, what have you. Many lawyers go on to focus on specific areas like criminal defense lawyers or sexual assault lawyers.

What Circumstances Constitute A Lawyer?

One of the most heinous crimes an individual can commit is sexual assault. A sobering statistic was unearthed in a study conducted by the Bureau of Justice Statistics in 2000 and it stated that only 28 percent of victims actually report sexual assault, leading it to be one of the least-reported violent crime. Reporting sexual assault, and with the help of a lawyer, can lead to the accused facing thousands of dollars in fines and several years in prison.

However, on the flip-side, false reporting of sexual assault has been known to happen. In fact, data collected suggest that 2 percent of all sexual assault accusations that police received ended up being false. This is not surprising considering it has the same rate of false reporting as other violent crimes. False reporting is not always conducted with malicious intent, while that does happen, innocent circumstances do happen as well. Victims of false reporting should seek a lawyer.

No one likes to have their property damaged or outright destroyed. Using the talents of a property damage attorney can help hold the guilty individuals responsible, usually, by issuing fines.

For every two minutes you count, the National Traffic Highway Administration estimates an individual was injured in a car accident due to an inebriated driver. The FBI is certainly flooded with reports everyday with people driving drunk over 300,000 times, but out of that 300,000, only 3,200 end in arrests.And it does not stop at alcohol.

Illegal, prescription and over-the-counter drugs were in the systems of 22 percent of drivers that were tested positive through blood or through the means of oral fluid tests. Those results were found from a roadside survey conducted by a National Traffic Highway Administration. For both alcohol and illicit drugs, a criminal law defense attorney can provide counseling on your rights since oftentimes driving under the influence causes property damage, injury and even death.

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